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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lists Before You List: Part 2

Last time we talked about the importance of a pre-packing list in order to give your rooms, closets and cabinets maximum breathing room!'s time to get your pad and paper out and create a list of repairs needed in order to get your home show worthy! Part of getting your home ready for a quick and successful sale is taking off the rose colored glasses we all as homeowners wear and put on your critical, customer glasses. Remember, a prospective buyer doesn't have all of the memories that you have to draw from.  They see things as they really are.  So, it's time to find the cracks, creaks, smudges, stains, holes, dust,smells and squeaks and write them all down to give you a road map to a show-worthy home! Here are some examples of potential repairs:

  • Doorknobs: loose or broken
  • Drywall Cracks & holes-- think doorknob into the drywall, excessive holes from pictures
  • Chipped paint
  • Cabinet Doors & Drawers that are loose, worn or missing knobs
  • Carpets: treating spots, fresh carpet cleaning
  • Wood floors: Patch any holes, clean & refinishing polish
  • Ceramic: Cracks, Grout, cleaning stains
  • Bathrooms: Reseal around tubs, vanity and showers if needed, clean tubs, toilets, sinks & showers
  • Windows:  Are any broken?
  • Appliances: Any appliances broken that are staying with the home: garbage disposal, dishwasher
  • HVAC:  How old are they? Do you have any documentation on repairs
  • Roof & Foundation:  Have their been any issues?  

Ok.  Breathe a minute.  This is an exhaustive list and it could be easy to get overwhelmed!  Just write it all down...the good, bad and ugly!  Then prioritize...what will give you the most bang for your buck? What repairs can you do on your own for pennies?  Start there first!  Also, think about multiple repairs that could be done by a handyman.  A good cleaning service can come in from ceilings to floor to put the spit and polish on once the repairs are completed.  

A home that is pre-packed, repaired and sparkling clean leave very little for a prospective buyer to be negative about, thus increasing your odds of an offer!  

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and list and you live in Northwest Arkansas, Benton or Washington Couties, we would love the opportunity to show you why we get homes SOLD.  You can call me at 479.640.9250 or email me at kimnorton at kw dot com.  

Welcome Home NWA

Monday, January 6, 2014

Lists Before you List: Part 1

Welcome Home NWA!

Well, it's January 6th and we are on Snow Day #6 of the Epic 2014 Snowpocalypse!  And we have Artic temps so we are all snug inside looking at our walls....AGAIN!  :)

If you are wondering what people are doing...just do a quick flyby on social media.  People who you only see on Major Holidays and Birthdays are making appearances!  What am I doing? I'm online looking at houses...and looking around at the things that need to be done on my home before I'm ready to list!

Anyone can stick a sign in a yard, but if you are really serious about getting your home sold at the price you want and on time, making a few lists before you list can be a really smart idea! See Current Homes Here!

Pre-Packing List:  If you are going to occupy the home while it is being shown, pre-packing is imperative in order to give you the maximum amount of square footage and help the prospective buyers see themselves living in the home.  The moment you "list" your home, it isn't your home anymore.  Well, technically it is your home, but the purpose of your home shifts from your cherished treasures and memories to potentially another persons future memories.  

So what items should be on your pre-packing list?

  • Say Cheese!:  Remove personal pictures from walls, mantels, tables, etc.  If it is a large centerpiece on a wall or mantel replace it with another piece of artwork/print from around the home.  
  • Overcrowding:  Take a look at your furnishings.  Pulling out one chair, the extra dresser, the extra leaf on the dining room table can help open up the space and give your prospective buyers breathing room.
  • Grandma's Chandelier:  Take inventory of anything that is nailed, bolted, screwed down that you are planning to take with you.  Recently I listed a home with a charming chandelier in the dining space.  When listing they commented that it was their grandmother's chandelier.  Per our suggestion, they removed the piece and replaced the fixture with one that will remain in the home after sale.  Why go to that trouble?   Any fixtures (chandeliers, media equipment, large mirrors permanently affixed to the wall) can be misunderstood as coming with the house.  Taking it out prior to listing will keep everything simple and clean at closing.  
  • Closet Care:  Overcrowded cabinets, shelves and closets give the impression that there is not enough room in the house for personal items.  Take out the off-season clothes, pack additional linens

Making a list and then systematically pre-packing your home can help give your home an edge and leads to the 3 other essential lists you need before Listing!  So...take a look around and start your list!


If you are thinking about listing in this year, I'd love to sit down and show you how we can make a big difference in your Real Estate experience.  Please call Kim Norton at 479.640.9250 or email us at kimnorton at kw dot com.  

Welcome Home NWA!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

To List or Not to List...Question Answered!

Hi Everyone!  This is Kim Norton with Keller Williams Realty in Northwest Arkansas!  It's January 2nd and the Christmas tree is coming down (hopefully...), the company is almost gone and we are FINALLY getting through making up new ways to hide "leftovers" in a brand new dish.

Here is a summary of our Christmas Vacation:

  • We need a better place in which to feature the Christmas Tree as it is blocking the flow of traffic!
  • 9 People and 6 dogs is a lot of "paws"...I'm super glad we LOVE our family!  
  • 1 more bathroom could make a HUGE difference!
So what about you?  You know, the holidays are a great time to test the "load limit" in your home.  Did your family congregate in a cramped Living Room?  Were people walking over each other as the holiday meals were being prepared?  How about cold showers and having to put a schedule together in order to regulate the hot water?  

Simply Put...It's time to buy a home in Northwest Arkansas that better suits our needs! 

Here are 4 reasons January is a great time to list your home in NWA:

  • Low Inventory:  Historically, inventory in Benton and Washington County is lower at the first of the year giving your home more exposure & potential traffic!
  • Exposure:  Did you know web searches for homes increases dramatically in Northwest Arkansas during colder months?  People are all home creating "Cramped Cabin Fever Syndrome!"  How do you treat CCFS?  Go online and look for a new home!
  • Bottom Line:  Lower real estate inventory in NWA means homes can potentially fetch a higher purchase price!  Sell High and Buy Low!
  • First Come First Served:  By getting a jump on all of the people who will list later in the Spring, your home will already have professional pics, marketing efforts in place and higher Search Engine Rankings (SEO) meaning that when people go to look...your home will be near the top!  
When choosing your Northwest Arkansas Realtor (seriously, I hope it is me! :)  ), it is important that he or she have a firm grasp on how Real Estate is bought/sold in 2014.  One word:  INTERNET.  The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 96% of homes that are bought/sold in the United States are first found online.  They will make a first decision about your home before they ever drive by your home or get to the front door on a showing.  

Thankfully, my career path before Real Estate was Marketing (online and offline) and Client Services so I know exactly what needs to be done to get a home sold online!  

  • Photos! Photos! Photos!:  Our Real Estate team understands how critical pristine professional pictures are in telling your home's story.  Low quality, under/over exposed, poorly staged pictures will GUARANTEE to get overlooked online.  People make a split second decision based on the 1st picture they see.  We use professional real estate photographers who are trained in how to stage and shoot a room on it's best side!  We even offer twilight pics and aerial shots to capture the full impact of your property.  
  • Marketing to Realtor's First:  We don't wait for a Realtor to discover your property on the MLS.  We go to the Realtor!  
  • Social Media:  Our team understands how to use Social Media to spread the word (like a flu!) about your home.  We also use blogs, online video, press releases and online classified advertising to create multiple platforms to view your property.
  • Urgency:  When do people want to view your property?  Typically TODAY! NOW!  We treat every lead and every co-broker request to show the property as a FIRST PRIORITY!  You know it only takes one person to sell your home.  One showing.  I never want to miss an opportunity! TRUE STORY:  In fact, our team has been known to rush over to a listing and make beds/pick up in order to make sure a co-broker could show the home.  And guess what?  That one showing SOLD THE HOME!  
  • Contract to Close:  Our Real Estate team has a strong client services background and understands the processes that need to be in place to insure a smooth ride to the closing table. We don't take no for an answer and work tirelessly to get each and every contract to the closing table on time.  
I would love to sit down with you and provide a FREE Competitive Market Analysis of your property. I will show you why people choose me and how my team will work to get your home SOLD.  

You can reach our offices at 479.640.9250 directly or please email me personally at Feel free to visit my Keller Williams website at and sign up for searches in your area.  If you live ANYWHERE in Benton or Washington County, we would love to add you to our FAMILY OF SUPER SATISFIED CLIENTS. 

I can't wait to meet you and help you find your dream home!  

Welcome Home!  -- Kim